What are the advantages of working with AIM?

The involvement of a team of digital employees can reduce the impact of the human factor, make the business transparent for the management of top managers and increase its scalability. You can be confident in the safety of your data. Competitors can afford to buy your employee, but they will not be able to buy out digital employees. The cost of digital employees is tied to the income of your company as a result of their work. Our main goal is your growing profit.

Here we can show just a couple examples:
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In retail, digital sales managers know more about the tastes of customers, they can select products individually according to their preferences, thereby increasing sales and prompting for repeat purchases
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In the banking and insurance sectors, digital risk analysts assess customers with high accuracy and predict financial behavior scenarios throughout the life cycle
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In the industry, digital specialists efficiently manage technological processes, optimize the consumption of raw materials and materials, thereby reducing the cost of production of finished products
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In mining companies, digital engineers continuously monitor the condition of the equipment, timely perform adjustment and repair of the components, thereby avoiding equipment malfunctions and costly breakdowns
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In telecommunications, digital marketers analyze customer behavior and the amount of services they use to create better personal offers, encouraging subscribers to connect new services and strengthening their loyalty

These results are achieved by the effective work of the team of AIM specialists aimed at successful digital transformation of your business.

Each day they work in order to increase the efficiency of your company and bring additional profit.

Stages of work
  • 01

    Selecting a technical or business process for applying AIM technology.

    We help clients to identify promising areas or formulate a task. Our expertise allows you to turn a business request into a formalized task, the solution of which will be engaged in a team of digital employees.

  • 02

    Determining an effective method of process management

    After selecting the direction to optimize and analyze the features of the relevant process, a management strategy is formed. First, it is determined which AIM module will be involved - business (AIMB) or technology (AIMT) – and then select the appropriate submodule for the task.

  • 03

    Analysis of the sufficiency of process digitization

    At this stage, the degree of readiness of the client's eco-system to start working as a digital employee is evaluated. In case of need to increase the digitization of the process and collect additional data, AIM specialist gives recommendations on the system of data collection and storage, as well as determines the necessary time frame.

  • 04

    KPI production

    The system of motivation of a digital employee is tied to the actual indicators of its activity. Its main task is to ensure the growing effectiveness of the process for which it is responsible.

  • 05

    Creating a digital employee

    Depending on the results of the previous steps, it may be one specialist or a team of several AIM employees:


    monitoring of current processes, identification of trends and patterns


    decision-making support and issuing of recommendations


    independent process management